About US

At Aviation Love, our overall goal is to help you go further in aviation. Our videos, tools and now flight instruction are designed to help you grow, and keep you motivated. We know how hard the journey can be when working towards your Private Pilots Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial, or even your Instruction permit. We’ve been there, and some of our guys still are there!

Our light hearted content is designed to not only be informational, but fun at the same time to give you lasting impressions of concepts. We want you to learn!

It’s not all information though. We’re going places and taking you with us. Most of our initial content was exactly that. Destinations! One of our guys was building hours towards his instrument , commercial, and flight instructor ratings. We used that time to see some amazing places.  We even threw in some funny stuff.

We are now proud to offer Flight Instruction. We have some amazing flight instructors that are very passionate about aviation. Some of them have helped us to become pilots, and we are super excited to have them on our team!

No matter what, we believe that aviation is a wonderful and AMAZING thing where only the sky’s the limit (literally). We invite everyone to take a chance and try flying for yourself!

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Meet The CFI

Flight instructors

Certified Flight Instructor

Kelley is very passionate about aviation and loves to fly and teach new students. He has been a CFI for 3 years now, teaching over 100 students and has 1350+ flight hours in the air. 

Certified Flight Instructor

Jim has been a flight instructor for over 15 years now. He has a variety of experience and all kinds of different aircraft. He is also very passionate about aviation and appears in our videos from time to time.